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For a full and updated list of FAQs, see the FAQs page under Tools on the Medi-Prompt app.

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Notifications not working in iOS 5

In iOS 5 the default for notifications has changed from iOS 4 so you may need to make Setting changes to re-enable the notifications.

In Settings choose Notifications.   Scroll down to find and then select Medi-Prompt.  

Notification Center: make sure it’s ON

Show: Choose the number of alerts you want to show on the home screen

Alert Style: Choose Alerts

Badge App Icon: should be ON

Sounds: should be ON

View in Lock Screen: Your preference, but I suggest should be ON


Prompt reminds me after I have taken the medication

Immediately following an update of the Medi-Prompt app, it is possible that the new version of the program may not be able to clear the prompts that the old version has already set up.  This will happen only for the first application of each scheduled medication following the update.


How do I set up a new medication?

On the Medication tab, tap the + button.  Enter the name of your new medication and tap Done. Then tap your new medication (under the unknown heading because you have not assigned a patient). Then tap and enter the various details for that medication.  The more you enter  the more useful Medi-Prompt will be.  As a minimum, you must enter any fields highlighted in red.


What should I do when I am about to take my medication?

If you respond to a prompt, Medi-Prompt will open up and usually display the Due List tab; otherwise open Medi-Prompt and tap the Due List tab. Scheduled items appear at the top of the list with the most imminent at the top.  Tap the medication you are about to take.  This will pop up a screen showing details of the dose about to be taken and when you last took that medication.  Here you can adjust the dose from the standard dose, adjust  the time taken (which will default to ‘now’), and add notes to the log if required.  Tap the Take it button to indicate that you are about to take the medication.  If any of the safety limits are breached (eg min time between dose or max doses in a day) then a warning will appear giving you the option to Cancel or Continue if really sure.  The details are then entered into the log (including the warning if given) and the next dose for that medication (if not Ad Hoc) is calculated.

This may look a lot, but in practice you just tap the med in the Due List and then tap Take it.  Just two taps does it all.


Can I export the log?

Yes.  Tap Tools.  Under Settings tap export log.  You can then choose to export the whole log or just items from a selected date range.  The log is exported as a CSV file so you can open it in a spreadsheet.


I am going in to a meeting and I don’t want the prompts to sound, but I do want to be reminded when the meeting is over.

Tap the Tools tab.  Under the Actions heading, tap postpone prompts until...  Adjust the time wheel to the time when you want prompts to restart and they will be rescheduled.  NB Putting your device on silent will stop the sound but the prompts will still appear and the device will vibrate and the prompts may run out before the end of the meeting.


I need to take my medication every twelve hours, regardless of time.  How do I set up Medi-Prompt to do this?

Simply use the At regular intervals - RTC scheduling method.


What’s the difference between At regular intervals - DBD and At regular intervals - RTC?

DBD means Day By Day. When all the doses for a day have been processed, the time of the next dose will be scheduled as time of the first dose for the next day. (Prior to 1.40 this was the only At regular intervals option.)
RTC means Round The Clock. The daily boundary is ignored and Medi-Prompt will continue scheduling at the required interval throughout the day and night.


Can I protect my medication data?

Yes.  Tap Tools.  Under Settings, tap password not required (this is the current state).  Then follow instructions to set up your password.  This can be as short or complicated as you want.  Do not forget your password.  Support cannot help if you forget your password.


Can I remove my password protection?

Yes.  Tap Tools.  Under Settings, tap password required (this is the current state).  Then when it asks you to enter your new password, leave the field blank.  Do not forget your password.  Support cannot help if you forget your password.


How do I contact Medi-Prompt support?

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